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Parental Information

School Aims

School aims 

Our aims are set in the context of A Curriculum for Excellence.


As pupils we aim to…………………………………….. 

·         be responsible citizens in our school community  

·         work hard and try our best in all that we do 

·   show respect and be confident  

As teachers we aim to…………………………………..

·         provide high quality learning experiences to enable children to achieve their potential

·         provide an inclusive curriculum which will educate and support all learners

  As parents we aim to……………………………… 

·        work in partnership with the school to enhance learning and provide a bright future for all our children.  

As teachers we agreed our school aims under the four competencies of a Curriculum for Excellence

To encourage RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS we will promote and develop


·         respect for self and others within our school and the wider community

·         equality and fairness

·         knowledge and understanding of and respect for the environment locally within Scotland and globally

·         an understanding that our actions have consequences

·         the ability to make informed choices and decisions about their health and well-being.


·         All children will be valued and respected

·         Staff will promote high self esteem in an environment where all children feel secure and happy

·         All children will be encouraged and supported to express their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings and ideas

·         All children will be supported to be ambitious, independent and determined to succeed

·         Staff will respond to individual needs so that children can confidently achieve 

All children as SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS will…………..

·         confidently meet new challenges

·         learn both independently and as part of a team

·         use numeracy, communication and literacy skills in varied learning environments

·         be encouraged to identify and develop the way they learn and become active partners in learning

·         be challenged and encouraged to achieve their full potential within an engaging and motivating learning environment

·         have their Achievements and successes celebrated

·         work in partnership with school and parents to enhance their  learning

·         build on previous experience and knowledge

·         be able to make informed choices to improve their learning

·         encourage Children to recognise their strengths and abilities and make the best use of these

·         use a range of relevant technology to enhance learning




·         provide opportunities for children to contribute individually and as part of a group

·         provide opportunities for pupils to create, develop, and challenge their thinking and use their initiative

·         ensure that children have the necessary skills to enable them to communicate effectively

·         ensure that children feel safe and that their ideas and contributions are valued

·         provide high quality teaching and learning to enable each pupil to develop

·         encourage an enterprising attitude to allow children to engage with the wider community

·         encourage children to be creative and take the initiative to solve problems

·         provide opportunities to work in partnership with school, parents and local community

·         provide a wide range of extra curricular opportunities supported by the local community